Baby Daze is committed to providing quality workshops for parents to increase their knowledge and parenting confidence.

Infant Care:

This workshop is all about baby!  Topics covered range from what a newborn looks like to all areas of newborn care, such as feeding, bathing, comforting, bonding, car seat safety, SIDS and more.

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This workshop is for parents and siblings.  One of the biggest worries for parents with older children is how siblings will react to the new baby.  This workshop has been designed specifically to help prepare older siblings in a fun way.  

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In this workshop parents will learn about traditional baby wearing, benefits and risks, and have the chance to try out different wraps and carriers.

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Getting a Good Night Sleep:

This workshop is all about sleep.  The importance of developing good sleep habits, signs and impacts of sleep deprivation is children and parents, setting your child up for successful sleep in order to avoid "crying it out" and more.

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Daycare Preparation:

Choosing the type of childcare that is right for your family is a huge decision.  This workshop explores your options, what to ask when interviewing care providers, what to look for in the daycare space, warning signs, how to prepare yourself and your little one for a smooth transition and more.

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